Angel Baby Stroller Travel Bag for Airplane: Stroller Gate Check Bag Cover, Red

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$ 19.95 $ 24.95 msrp

Angel Baby Red Travel Bag for Umbrella Strollers. Protect your baby’s stroller no matter where the day takes you. It’s almost a given that when your baby is between a newborn and four years old, you need a stroller pretty much everywhere you go. They get tired quickly, need naps, require extra supplies and clothes, and you need something to lean on when they start wearing you down.

That’s why you need a premium grade travel bag to protect your stroller either during travel or when it’s not in use. At Angel Baby, we made a Travel Gate Check Bag that goes far beyond the durability and usefulness of all those cheap nylon bags on the market.

Crafted using durable, stronger and more efficient polyester, our Angel Baby Red Stroller Travel and Storage Bag features a convenient carrying handle, drawstring adjustable lock for easy opening and closing, and an ID tag so you can identify it whenever you get off the train, bus or plane.  

Backed by a Lifetime Guarantee, our Angel Baby Red Stroller Travel and Storage Bag fits today’s most popular slim designs and will stand up to even the toughest travel. And when you order our Travel Gate Check Bag today you’ll also receive 10% off on our Car Seat Travel Bag!

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$ 19.95 $ 24.95 msrp

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