Angel Baby Toddler Cooling Pillow Gel Mat

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$ 11.99 $ 47.90msrp
$ 11.99 $ 47.90 msrp

Angel Baby Toddler Pillow Gel Mat - Cooling Pillow Mat Reduces Child Fever - Eases Night Sweats, Headaches & Sunburn Pain - No Water or Leaking -Includes Storage Cover (12 x 16 inches) Reduce your child's fever or sunburn pain with a premium cooling gel mat from Frosty. When your child suffers from a fever, you'd do anything to make them feel more comfortable until they feel better. And while medicine takes time to work, there's something you can do to have a more immediate impact that also lets them rest in the process-give them the cooling power of the Frosty Pillow Gel Mat. Designed to slip inside their pillowcase or rest on top, our super soft, flexible gel mat offers them all the comforts of their pillow, while reducing their fevers, night sweats, or headaches. Not only that, but it starts to immediately bring down their temperature until the medicine can catch up in their system. If you're looking to give your child a more comfortable night's sleep so they can start to feel better, then get them a Frosty Pillow Gel Mat and see what a difference it makes in getting them back on their feet. Features and benefits: ✓ Great for relieving fevers, night sweats, headaches and sunburns ✓ Soft, flexible and comfortable ✓ Cooling gel won't leak ✓ Child-sized ✓ Includes a FREE storage cover Click "Add to Cart" above and give your child a cool, soothing night's rest!

$ 11.99 $ 47.90 msrp

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