Angel Baby Hypoallergenic Cotton Toddler Pillow

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$ 14.95 $ 29.95msrp
$ 14.95 $ 29.95 msrp

  Angel Baby Hypoallergenic Cotton Toddler PillowGive your toddler a safer, more comfortable night’s sleep with the Angel Baby Toddler Pillow.It’s not easy shopping for toddlers. It always seems like pants are too long, shirts are too short and pillows aren’t made for their size. That’s why we crated the Angel Baby Toddler Pillow. Designed using feedback from moms all over the country and months of research, our pillow carefully cradles your toddler’s head, neck and shoulders to give them a safe, comfortable night’s sleep. Features and benefits:  Offers superior softness and comfort Provides full head, neck and shoulder support for natural sleeping angles Made with a blend of breathable, comfortable cotton and polyester fibers Each of our travel pillows come with a Lifetime Guarantee Pillows are handcrafted here in the USA Recommended for children ages 2-5, our Angel Baby Hypoallergenic Cotton Toddler Pillow is perfect for cribs, beds, and even car travel. Make nap time and nighttime more comfortable for your growing child so they can face each new day with renewed vigor and energy. 

$ 14.95 $ 29.95 msrp

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