My Order has not arrived yet

Delivery of products are usually of standard timeframe, please allow at least 5 business days if after waiting product/s still has not arrived please contact us directly.

What if the order has arrived damaged?

Please contact us directly and don't forget to send picture of the damaged product.

Does Angel Craft/Baby sell in a physical store?

As of the moment, all our stores are online.

What are your other online stores? 

Etsy, Groupon, Ebay and Amazon.

Is there another country you sell into?

As of the moment, Canada, Germany and United Kingdom.

I have issue/s (or question/s) with the product/s

We cannot always please everyone though we do our best to make quality products at an affordable price, in any event, the product is not coming up to your expectation or you have something you want to clarify, please contact us right away.

How can I get discounts?

Subscribe to Angel Direct Products email because every now and then we give away discounts or have promotional offers, if you're subscribed to us, you won't miss out any of it.


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