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We bring you the best products designed to make life more enjoyable for babies & parents

We're a family based company specializing in supplying Angel Crafts & Angel Baby Products! We are committed to bringing you the best in manufacturing quality & customer service!

As you can see our two main passions in life are the comfort and the well being of our children and yours, as well as encouraging the fun and relaxation that crafting can bring to the entire family. We are definitely family orientated and take great pleasure in being able to function as a top quality craft store as well as a being able to offer you a very selective and impressive selection of baby items that make like easier for Mom and more comforting for the babes.

Angel Direct Craft Supplies

We firmly believe that everyone deserves some “me time”, and there is no better way to get this than to set aside some time for crafts. There certainly are a lot of craft stores to choose from but we know first hand how confusing it can be to shop for your craft supplies. Our Angel Direct craft supplies are geared towards offering you the best quality at the most affordable prices. Our experience as a craft store owner allows us to research and develop craft supplies that are going to bring you the best results in your craft projects.

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