Angel Crafts Transfer Stencil Paper (100 PACK)

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$ 12.95 $ 39.95msrp
$ 12.95 $ 39.95 msrp

STRESS-FREE TRACING - Draw on our transfer stencil paper without flipping images or tracing upside. Makes freehand drawing easier than ever. IDEAL PAGE SIZE - At 8.5" x 11" (A4), it's easier to maneuver each page while drawing or tracing. Each order also comes with 100 total sheets. CLEANER, BOLDER IMAGES - A greaseless 4-ply paper that leaves no hand oils or residue behind, your lines will be clearer and easier to tattoo. IMPROVED HEAT RESISTANCE - Angel Crafts stencil paper can be used in thermal copiers or drawn on by hand to improve tattooists or artist's efficiency. SUPERIOR COLOR - Our transfer paper is made with colorfast ink that won't fade, offers a vivid transfer every time, and lasts a long time with no fading.

$ 12.95 $ 39.95 msrp

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