Angel Crafts Vinyl Metal Adhesive Sheets (12-Pack) – Decorative Metal Film w/ Air Release

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$ 19.95 $ 27.95msrp
$ 19.95 $ 27.95 msrp

DIY Metalized PVC Vinyl Foil – Hot-Embossed – Ideal for Signs, Crafts, Altered Projects. • THIS STUFF YOU WOULD SWEAR IS REAL METAL!!! HIGH-QUALITY SHINE – Each package contains four vibrant and shiny colors that are perfect as standalone pieces or for highlighting individual projects. Craft Metal Adhesive gives the average crafter the metal look and effect without the high cost, tools and skill set of working with real metal! • CRISP, CLEAR VISUAL – The embossing technology used gives these metallic sheets a three-dimensional look making patterns “pop” and stand out. • GORGEOUS, DEFINED STYLING – Superior to cold-embossed polyester vinyl, hot-embossed adhesive sheets are fade-resistant and produce superior patterns. • ADVANCED ADHESIVE – Each sheet is backed by a premium adhesive that eliminates air bubbles or pockets and resists moisture. • INDOOR/OUTDOOR USE – Use metal adhesive sheets on daily arts and crafts or wall graphics, or outside on promotions signs, soapbox derby cars, or windows. Add a bit of flair to your indoor and outdoor projects with adhesive metal sheets from Angel Crafts! Do you want to add some shiny lettering or numbers to your dirt track racing car? Maybe you want some new wall graphics for your coffee shop? Either way, the only way to get a high-quality reflective shine is with Angel Crafts Metal Adhesive Sheets. Improved Embossing Technology Unlike standard metal foil sheets that use cold-embossed polyesters, we use a hot-embossed process that not only improves the shine and pattern depth, but makes them more fade and moisture resistant for indoor and outdoor use. Product Details: Flexible Metal Sheets (12-Pack) Four (4) Distinct Colors Hot-Embossed Fade and Moisture Resistant Premium Adhesive 12-Pack Size: 12" x 12" Satisfaction Guaranteed

$ 19.95 $ 27.95 msrp

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